A Rogue Russian force is demanding America's surrender by threatening to destroy New York City with an orbital Super Weapon.  The only choice is to send in the marines, led by Colonel Burns who is not impressed when the Goverment also sends D.A.R.P.A's new test pilot Sam Gideon with his newly developed augmented suit.  Can these warriors put their differences aside and bring down the Super Weapon in time.

Genre:   Action, Sci-Fi     Released:   2010

Status:   Complete

Story: In order to reach the stations super weapon our hero's must take on the enemies Mighty Kreon ...

Duration: 32 Minutes


Story: Sam Gideon is a chain-smoking hard-case who just happens to be testing a new augmented suit for ...

Duration:  22 Minutes

Story: After fighting their way aboard the space station the team battle through an increasing enemy ...

Duration: 24 Minutes