Story:While trying to get off the planet Sgt Sidonus is killed by Nemeroth and he steals the Power ...

Duration: 24 Minutes


Story: After escaping the Research base and Nemeroth's forces of Chaos with the Power Core ...

‚ÄčDuration: 20 Minutes

Captain Titus and his squad of UltraMarines answer a distress call from the forge planet Graia.  They find an Ork army invading the planet with the hopes of stealing the Emperor's most powerful weapons, the War Titans.  As events unfold and dark secrets are learned, the UltraMarines must face an enemy far more terrifying than any Ork invasion could ever be. 

Genre:   Action, Sci-Fi     Released:   2011

Status:    Completed


Story: After securing the planets War Titans the Emperor's Greatest Weapons the Ultramarines..

Duration: 21 Minutes

Story: Captain Titus and his squad of Ultramarines respond to a distress signal from the Forge Planet ...

Duration: 19 minutes

Story: Titus and the Ultramarines reach the Research base after a brutal air battle only to find  ...

Duration: 21 Minutes